Thursday, December 11, 2014

Outfit post - Blind connected

Good morning my dear readers!
Do you remember when I told you couple of posts
ago that I have tried to put up an outfit post before
my trip to London and have failed to do that since my
laptop acted up and have erased all of the photos.
Here's the very same outfit just that the photos were taken
yesterday. It was so cold, windy and not the most charming
Winter's day but I have pulled it through and I think that the
photos have turned out nice.

Going back to Monday morning of this week... I had to take
metro ride to bring my daughter to her kindergarten and it
was SUPER early in the morning, we both got soaked from the
heavy rain and I was all cranky until I looked up and on the seat on
the opposite side of me was a woman... A blind woman, reading a book!
That was the moment which I'll never forget. I never saw a blind
person read a book before and this was seriously touching and so inspiring.
This was yet another proof that us, human beings are such complex
creatures and that each one of us holds a tremendous gifts and skills inside,
we just need to reach inside of us and find them.
Don't wait for something bad to happen to you to force you to change up
your life, follow your dream or something... Start today, set your powers
free and make your life amazing...
If a blind woman can read, you can do some incredible things too with your
healthy eyes, hands, ears, feet... You get the point!

Happy Thursday everybody!

I'm wearing: Dress - Free People, Sweatshirt - Burö 24/7,
Boots - Vagabond, Bag - River Island, Necklace - COS, Earrings - Tory Burch,
Coat - Isabel Marant for H&M

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