Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Outfit post - Alexander Wang

Good Wednesday afternoon!!
How are you doing my dear readers? I hope that
this week has started well for you and that the cold and
darkness are not getting to you as much as they are to me.
I'm still in a "transition" phase in my head and body
from warm and sunny days to cold, chilly and mostly cloudy days.
I've been lacking some inspiration and adrenaline for the past week
or so, but I'm getting to the core of this and will be embracing the
fact that Winter is around the corner very gladly.
I have decided on one of the trips which I've been talking about
in my last post and I'll be going to London in the beginning of December.
I'm very excited about this trip and have already started to research
which cool places I want to visit this time, which restaurants I need to
check out and also, I'm excited to see all of those Christmas lights and
decorations of London' streets and as well, it will be a perfect trip to get
something special for myself as a Christmas present to myself :D
(and of course to my family)!

When it comes to this outfit, I'm wearing my absolute favourite bag ever
from Chanel's Dallas collection. I've got this bag back in July, in London
and ever since then I still can't believe that this beauty is mine, esp. because
it's so unique and limited availability.
Jacket is my only purchase from Alexander Wang for H&M collection.
As I've already mentioned, I didn't really like this collection. I've found
almost all of the pieces either looking very weird or were in some weird
fabric/ material which I couldn't wear on my skin even for 5 minutes.
But! This jacket... Almost as if it wasn't part of this collection, perfectly designed,
biker jacket/ coat of great quality and very warm too.

We took these photos on the way to my favourite little cafe in the city
and it's called Kuppi ja Muffini.
If you will visit Helsinki anytime soon and are having a huge sweet tooth
like myself or are after most delicious, home cooking then this place should
be your choice.
Also, have to mention that the interior of this cafe is so cozy and inviting,
you will feel like you're in a living room at home just that you'll be served
by the most kindest ladies I've ever come across in restaurant/ cafe business.

Enjoy this day ladies and stay tuned for the next post! :)

I'm wearing: Boots - Frye, Bag - Chanel boy bag, Jeans - Diesel,
Jacket - Alexander Wang for H&M, Scarf - Asos, Cardigan - COS,
Ring - H&M, Beanie - Boss Orange

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