Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Christmas wish list

I know I might be a little bit too early with this list,
but I am going to London in 2 weeks and that's where
I'll buy something off of this list, so I like to go in prepared,
because shopping in London can be quite overwhelming and
it's easy to end up buying things on the whim and also things
that you might not need.

I'm a crazy "holiday junkie" and I just can't help myself. :D
Every year when the November starts I begin to think about
Christmas and everything that goes along with my favourite
holiday season.

What's on your Christmas wish list?

I'll make another post next week with ideas on what to buy to
your significant other, to your mom/ dad and kids.
Stay tuned and thanks for reading and visiting my blog! :)

A little bit of cosmetics never hurt anyone, right!?
I'm thinking of getting some lipstick, highlighter, perfume, etc.
Here pictured are:
*Burberry lipstick
*Chanel highlighter
*Chanel No 5 perfume
*Laura Mercier oil free tinter moisturiser
*Hermes collection
*Soap and glory chubby lipstick and bath sponge

I've been looking forward to buying any of items off this list,
all of these pieces have been on my wish list for forever and 
I can hopefully get some of them in London: 

*Chanel flap bag
*Burberry scarf and beanie
*Kenzo swetshirt
*Givenchy necklace
*Tiffany & Co. bracelet
*Moschino phone case
*J Brand jeans
*Saint Laurent boots
*Balenciaga bracelet

I love shopping some small goodies for home and 
kitchen and Harrods/ Selfridges are my favourite destinations 
for things like that. 
I always need to stock up on some tea from Harrods and 
sweets ( read macaroons ) from Laduree

*Harrods Winter tea
*Harrods Christmas tea cup
*Laduree stationery set
*Harrods Christmas ball 
*Diptyque candle
*Pillow from Selfridges
*A bottle of some great quality wine/ champagne, etc. 

Last things on my list are all the gorgeous pink things from Victoria's 
Secret! I love their body lotions and always have hard times deciding 
on only 3-4 of them. I also need a new cosmetic case and this one 
looks just like what I'm looking for.

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