Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What's in my bag?

Good Wednesday morning everyone!
I'm super sick, down with the flu and haven't slept much,
but the Blogtober posting is going on strong. :)

For today, I've decided to show you what I had inside my bag
yesterday. I have emptied the bag and am sowing you the "real
situation" that was going on inside my Balenciaga.
Sometimes, I have more stuff than this, sometimes a little bit less,
but this is about what you could usually find inside my bag.

Which items are you carrying inside your bag? Any same ones
as me?

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Here's the content:

-Celine wallet ( I got this wallet almost a year ago and it's perfect, so spacious
and in great, bright colours, always brightens my day when I pull it out )
-Home keys
-Spray for my throat-ache
-Iphone 5S and Moschino phone cover
-Airwaves bubblegums
-Lambi napkins
-Circus Finlandia brochure and tickets to the show
-Valentino perfume
-Estee Lauder lipstick
-Estelle & Thild lipgloss
-Fazer Christmas chocolate ( my favourite chocolate ever, too bad it's available
only once a year, gotta stock up )
-Piruetti member card ( dancing clothes shop )
-some receipts ( Zara, etc. )

All images by http://natalikarppinen.com

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