Sunday, October 19, 2014

Turning 27

Good evening once again my dear readers!
Today is my birthday and I'm back today with a new post
which I have initially thought will be quuuuuite long and I
didn't even knew where to start from writing it, but then, after
a whole couple of days of thinking about this post and turning 27
in general, it all has narrowed down to a few simple conclusions...

"Never give up, it's such a wonderful life..." being one of them!
My sister actually wrote this down for me in my birthday card
and it's a verse from band Hurts and their song "Wonderful life".

Also, "Believe in yourself, because if you can't, how can anybody
else?" is another one of these conclusions.

Third one would be one that I haven't heard anywhere particularly,
just simply have collected a few thoughts throughout these 27 years
of my life and that is that:

*give love and never expect anything in return
*be kind to everybody even when they're not kind to you
*many people are fighting their own battle that you know nothing
about, so don't judge, rather accept, help or move out of their way
*find your purpose in life, find that dream and passion that fuels
you and makes your blood run wild, that's why you've been sent
to this earth for
*do good whenever, wherever, good will come back to you
*healthy person has ton of wishes, sick one has only one...
so take care of your health, your mind and body, none of these
two can function properly without each other being equally healthy
*take as many trips or road trips as you can because travelling is the
only thing that you can buy with money that will make you richer
*things can't buy you happiness nor replace human need for love
and being "somebody's everything"
*act and think more like a child, approach things and situations with
an open mind and heart and find magic in every moment of your day
*be kind to yourself in every way as you're your own best friend and
your body and soul are all you have and will have to live in/ with
for the rest of your life
*smile more often, cry when you need to, scream when you feel like,
be silly no matter what's the place or occasion, life is way too short
to stick yourself into some boxes and meet the "standard" behaviour that
society has thought us is acceptable.

I could go on and on and on, but I have said in the beginning of this post
that it won't be long, even though it did ended up longish :D
Wishing you all the best my dear people and THANK you for every single
comment that you leave on this blog, I read every single one of them
and even if I don't answer, doesn't mean that I don't see you because I do
and you're all so important to me! Much love to everybody!

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