Saturday, October 18, 2014

Travel diary: Days 4 and 5

Good Saturday evening everyone!
It's been such a wonderful and warm day today in Croatia
that I really felt bad for not bringing some summertime
clothes with me. I have packed only the Fall appropriate clothes
and I've been boiling under the sun rays, but I ain't complaining
because back at home in Helsinki it's quite cold already for my

Yesterday was a lovely day which I got to spend from am to pm
with my family and close family friends.
In the morning I met with my sister and we've visited our grandma's
grave and that was a special moment for me as well as for her.
We haven't done that together in many years and we both loved
our grandma so much, that it felt as if she was there with us while
we were putting the flowers and candle on the grave stone.
My grandpa had birthday yesterday, so we had lunch at our family
friend's place and it was great to spend some time in the countryside,
breathe in the fresh air and just have a peaceful moment.
Lunch was delicious too! :D

Today, we went to Split and one of the main attractions that we were
after was place called "Froggyland"!! Oh wow! I can recommend you
to def. visit this place if you're ever in Split, it's such a brilliant idea
and... You just have to go and see it for yourself.
Visit to Split wouldn't be complete without going to the best bakery
in whole Dalmatia and it's called Bobis. Oh how I love their delicacies!

Now it's already late at night and tomorrow is my birthday so I gotta
get some beauty sleep, but I'll "meet" you tomorrow with a new post
and some thoughts of me becoming a 27 year old.

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