Friday, October 10, 2014

Breast cancer awareness

Good afternoon my dear readers!
I hope that this day has been treating you well and
that you're ready for a weekend.
I'm so ready to have a good weekend and get out of the
house as I've been just laying in bed for days, feeling bad
and fighting the flu. I still don't have my voice back and
I'm still feeling sick but at least fever is gone.

I did sneak out of the house two days ago to go grab couple of
pieces that Jean Paul Gaultier had designed for swedish high
street store Lindex.
This collection has been designed to raise awareness and fight
against the breast cancer which seems to be, unfortunately, so
common nowadays.
10% from every piece sold of this amazing collection goes to
charity and I always support causes like this one. Especially this
one, since it "hits" closest to home.
My both grandmas had and have died of breast cancer, my mom
had it twice and I have heard/ seen so many friends' moms or close
people fight with it too...
There's so much a woman can do to decrease her chances on getting
breast cancer, but the bottom line is that cancer and I dare to say that
any kind of cancer starts from the inside, from being unhappy, stressed
out or living an unhealthy life for too long.
There's that much we can do to proven the breast cancer, knowing that
things which "they" put into our food, water and air aren't helping this
cause, but we CAN try to have positive mindset, exercise regularly,
eat as healthy and unprocessed as possible, spend time with people that
love you and make you happy, etc.

If you too love fashion and want to make a donation for a good cause
and still walk away home with something very cute and fashionable
for yourself or your little one, do check out Lindex stores or their
online shop.

My beautiful daughter agreed to be the model for this post and she's
dressed in JPG for Lindex collection.

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