Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday afternoon at Kabuki

Hello my dear readers!
How are you doing? How was your weekend?
After a really tough week, I was in a serious need of a good
"pick me up" and what's better way to make your mood much
better than over a nice lunch with nice people?

I went to one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Helsinki
with my sister and her boyfriend. This restaurant used to be
my go-to place for so long, but the owner has changed now 3 times
and I haven't heard good reviews of Kabuki after that 3rd owner took
over. Then they've been on a break since April this year because of huge
plumbing renovation of the whole building and finally they've opened
their doors two days ago and I just had to go and test the menu before
I make up my mind if it's still going to be my favourite restaurant or not.

OH MY!!! The food was as delicious and perfect as I remember.
Every single dish on an endless menu was presented impeccably and
the service was very fast and welcoming.

To start, we had Sake ( soft one ) and then the food feast has followed :)
Rows of wakame salad, kalamari, tuna steak in teriyaki sauce, all sorts of
sushi rolls, inari, nigiri, yasai itamae, yakiniku and tempuras were enough
to make us fall into "food coma" but there was still tiny little space left to
fit in one desert in form of fried banana and vanilla ice cream in toffee sauce.

If you are a sushi/ Japanese food lover as I am and you happen to be visiting
Helsinki, do yourselves a favour and check out Kabuki on Lapinlahdenkatu 12.
I can also strongly recommend this place for vegans/ vegetarians as there're tons
of options for these kind of lifestyles too.

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