Sunday, September 21, 2014

Outfit post - Then you learn

Good Monday morning everyone!
I've just finished eating my breakfast in bed and am
soon going to the gym to get some good workout done.
I'm also meeting my friend later on and have tons of things
to take care of in between, so I better get going :).

Last Friday I went out for dinner with friends. We went to a
Japanese restaurant Koto and have enjoyed lots of great traditional
meals as well as sushis.
This is the outfit which I wore that evening and we shot it in one
of my favourite parks. I love parks, I always feel at peace whenever I'm
in one and some of them hold special magic such as Bryant Park in NYC
or one on Chistoprudny Bulvar in Moscow.

Weekend was quite hard having to face some facts and make decisions,
more about that later on when I'm ready to share more, but the point which
I wanted to bring up is that no matter which curve balls life throws at you,
never give up, always wake up, show up and do your best.
Those who believe and are persistent in following their dreams will get there
sooner or a bit later but they will reach their goals and see how worth it's to
believe in yourself, even when many odds are against you.

How was your weekend dear readers? I hope that you've had a great one
and are ready to kick ass this week! :)

I'm wearing: Blazer - JCrew, Blouse - Samuji, Bag - Celine, Jeans - Diesel,
Bracelets - JCrew, Flats - Marc By Marc Jacobs, Earrings - Asos, Ring - HOH1960

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