Monday, September 29, 2014

Outfit post - Saying goodbye

Good morning everyone!
It's a sunny Tuesday and I'm looking forward to spend
some time outside on the fresh air and just try to clear my
head and place my thoughts in order as right now I'm a "hot" mess.

Yesterday was the last day of my sister being here in Helsinki and
after 2 years of living together and then only few minutes away from
each other, it feels surreal that she's now gone...
It's for better, but still, my best friend is not a phone call/ walk away anymore.
We've spent the whole day together, starting by an early morning walk
downtown, then we've snapped these outfit photos and headed towards
one of our favourite cafes in the city Strindberg.
After a delicious salmon salad and Brita cake, we've headed to do some small
shopping and just stroll through the city.

Afternoon and evening were reserved for watching some TV together,
eating take away from super amazing turkish boys joint FaFa's and
in the end playing puzzles with my little daughter.

I hate saying goodbye and I don't like changes as much as I thought that I do,
but when I'm really, really honest with myself... I DO love changes and I do
love closing some chapters as that can mean only one thing, beginning of
something new and amazing! :)

Have a beautiful day my dear readers!

I'm wearing: Ballerinas & earrings - Chanel, Leggings - Falke, Skirt - Esprit,
Coat - Vika Gazinskaya for &otherstories, Bag - Celine, Blouse - Acne,
Ring - HOH1960, Cardigan - COS, Scarf - By Malene Birger

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