Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Outfit post - The boy

Good Wednesday everybody!!
I got up early, had my breakfast and am soon going to the gym.
I've been at the dentist yesterday and after that I've been pretty
much in miserable state for the rest of the day + the whole day
has been a rainy one, so... I'm in a need of a good workout and
getting my spirit back :)

I'm looking forward to meeting with my sister today. Visit to our
favourite coffee place and some window shopping always helps
to feel better too!

I'm in the middle of looking for a place to stay in NYC during
my studies there this Fall. Can't wait to go to my dream city
and learn more about what I love to do the most - photography.

Sometimes it's so hard to believe in yourself, see past the obstacles
and see the whole picture in future tense, the place where you want
to be. I know that they say to concentrate on now and how far you've
come, which is great and I get that, but I'm always looking forward
to future, always looking towards what I want to achieve next, what I'm
going to do next... That's what keeps me going and keeps me "hungry".
I don't want to reach the "satisfaction" level just yet. Working towards
a dream/ goal is a huge gift itself. :)

Have a fabulous day my dear readers!

I'm wearing: Shoes - Clarks, Jeans - Diesel, Bag - Chanel, Tee - Mango,
Cardigan - COS, Earrings - Tory Burch

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