Sunday, August 3, 2014

Outfit post - Change your life

Hello Monday!! 
I love waking up to sun rays every single day! We've been so 
blessed with beautiful and sunny days in Helsinki. I know I've 
said this before, but this is such a rare thing in my city/ country that 
I need to be thankful out loud (every time I write a blog post) :D 

How was your weekend? Did you do something fun or went more 
low key? 
I've been walking all over the city for hours, just breathing in the fresh 
air, meeting friends for coffee and loving life. 
I'm finally back on track after super hard May and June, being lost in 
July and trying to figure things out but August kicked off on the right 
note. I can hardly wrap my head around the though that in 2 months 
from now I'll be on the way to New York!!! 
Can't wait to live there for a bit... Of course the main thing is my 
course on the Film Academy, but living in The Apple comes together with 
it :D

Are you ready to go on this ride with me? :) I'll surely document everything 
on my blog, so that you can follow my journey. 
I'm just a young girl with dreams larger than life trying to make my way through 
in this crazy, but beautiful world and if I can inspire somebody with my journey 
then it's a huge reward for me and this blog, as well as my photography.

Have a great start to this week! 

Here's what I'm wearing: Jumpsuit - Mango, Shoes - Birkenstock, Bag - Zara, 
Earrings & ring - Deni design, Sunglasses - Marc by Marc Jacobs

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