Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Outfit post - BANG,BANG!!

Bang - Bang into Wednesday!
The sun is shining and I'm feeling much better than two days ago!
Thank you for all of the get well wishes, they really worked wonders
for me :)
Being sick is always so annoying and I'm just this kind of person that
doesn't know how to be sick and stay still until you feel better.
Noooo, this girl is like: " I need to work, I need to clean, I need to cook,
I need to go out, I need to do this, I need to go there, etc."
I've been missing my gym this week, but I'll start again on Monday.
It's crazy how your body gets used to good thing very fast and then
craves it so bad when it doesn't get it, even if it's been only couple of days
without it.

Anyway, enough of funny rambling, I'm just getting ready to go out and
visit my dentist as next week I have a procedure to do, so I have to go
and ask her all of the details on what we'll exactly do because that makes
me feel less scared of the whole thing.
I just dread going to the dentist and if you remember from few months ago
and one of my teeth just suddenly splitting in half and falling off was
horrible, well, now I need to finish this whole procedure because the fillings
that I got last time were just temporary ones and now I'll get the porcelain
coat and all that fancy stuff, so I'll have a normal tooth/ teeth again.
Take care of your teeth girls and by that I don't mean just brushing them
but also doing a regular dentist check, which I didn't do and then the shit
hit the fan and it was almost too late.

Finally, here's the latest addition to my closet and that's this beautiful
dress by Finnish designer Samuji! I saw it yesterday in their store and
it was love at first sight!
Good thing is that it's from this Fall/ Winter collection, so they've just
arrived to the store and online, so you have a good chance to catch your
piece before it's gone. :)

Have a beautiful day everybody!

I'm wearing: Sneakers - New Balance, Jacket - Zara, Scarf - Alexander McQueen,
Earrings & bag - Chanel, Dress - Samuji, Bracelet - Balenciaga

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