Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sometimes, we all deserve a break...

Hello my dear readers!
I'm sorry for lack of posts and updates, but except from no internet
connection or barely being online, I have decided that I needed a break
from everything and that I have deserved one.
Every post before my holidays, I have been just counting days until my
holidays to recharge my batteries and it took me a few days to realise that
I need to take a break from everything, not just photography, but also blogging
and that world doesn't really care if I'm not posting 3,5,7 times a week as long
as I do keep on writing at some point :)

I did had great holidays and I'm now back home but I feel that they were too short
and am already looking at the new flight tickets for August.
Sometimes, we all deserve a break and we are the only ones who can "force" ourselves
to take a break.
Break is good... Break makes you stop for a moment, take a step back and look at your
life and future plans from a whole another point of view.
I feel that I need more of that... I feel that before holidays, I was very confused for
months and while planning the future, I was also very scared at the same time and
didn't know how to cope with everything that's coming, esp. now in Fall with our
mini move to NYC and New York Film Academy.
Now, that I did take a break and have just enjoyed my holidays, I do have a whole
different "picture" in my head and feel more confident in my plans, believes, etc.

Sometimes, we need somebody to tell us to slow down, because not always when
we slow down means that we're "loosing" something or going backwards...
Sometimes, that's exactly what we need to go forward.

So, starting tomorrow, I'm back to my usual posting, but I feel that I have now much
more fresh mindset and this way I can also make my blog look and feel fresh too :)

I'm also at some point throughout this Summer going to change the layout completely
and am very excited to see this little space develop to a new level.

Have a fabulous Sunday and remember to just chill!! :)
Much love!

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