Thursday, July 31, 2014

Outfit post - Hot in the city

Woah! It's been really hot in Helsinki lately! I can't
believe that we've been blessed with such an amazing weather :)
I've been just staying outside as much as possible. I mean, who could
stay inside after a long and dark Winter? I was SO waiting for the
Summer so I'm now embracing it fully :)

Usually, throughout a year I find myself being "stuck" in my skinny jeans
and no matter how many times I swear to myself that I'll be more feminine
and get my dresses/ skirts out, it's just so damn cold that jeans are the only
thing I reach for in the closet.
I don't even have to mention how happy I've been to wear all of my nice
Summer dresses, skirts, flow-y pants/ overalls when going out to run my
errands, meet with friends, just walk around the city.

I hope that this kind of weather will stay for at least 2 more weeks as I have
a short road trip planned for the next weekend and until then, I want to just
soak up the sun rays, eat tons of ice cream and just be happy :)

Have a fabulous Thursday everybody!

I'm wearing: Shoes - Vagabond, Dress - Zara, Belt - &otherstories,
Earrings and bracelets - JCrew, Bag - Celine

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