Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Outfit post - Dallas boy

Hello my dear readers! 

Seems like evenings are now more "reliable" time for me 
to update my blog. I'm very happy that we have amazing summer 
weather in Helsinki and that it will continue to be like this for at least 
few more days.
Every day, for 4 days in the row, I've been just walking all over the city 
with my brother and showing him around all the beauty which I forget 
about living my usual, daily life. 

We have lots of fun stuff planned to do in the following days, so check 
out my Instagram profile for more "live feed" photos :)

In this outfit, I'm presenting you my newest bag and if you ask me, I would 
be fine having just this one bag because it's so perfect and unique that I can't 
even believe that it's mine. I got it in London a month ago and it was a must 
have item for me. It's part of Chanel's limited Dallas collection and it looks 
like a piece of art ( which it is ). 

Let me know what you think of this outfit?

I'm wearing: Sandals - Vagabond, Bag - Chanel, Dress - Free People, 
Earrings - Deni design, Bracelet - Balenciaga

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