Monday, July 21, 2014

Outfit post - Changes

Did you ever felt like there's a change going on or you could 
"smell" the change coming but you just couldn't pin point what 
the change was!? That's how I feel right now, I feel that there's 
a whole new life awaiting for me ( less than 3 months away ) and 
at the same time I'm scared to leave the "safe" zone that I know so 
well, but that safe zone just doesn't feel like a place I should stay 
at or belong to. Crazy complicated, right!? :D 

You know that feeling when everything looks the same but nothing 
is and you're pretty much sure that it never will be...

Onto the more lighter themes - I've had great weekend and today was 
nothing less than a perfect summer day! 
My brother is visiting us, so it's been fun going places and exploring 
my own city with him. We still have a week on us to go everywhere 
and it makes me feel like I'm not done with my holidays yet :) 

This is an outfit which I wore yesterday and I felt very confident while 
wearing it. 
What do you think about it?

I'm wearing: Dress - Ganni, Sandals - Vagabond, Bag - Mansur Gavriel, 
Ring & cuff - HOH1960, Earrings - Chanel, Lipstick - Estee Lauder

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