Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Outfit post - Change is coming

Hello Wednesday and hello dear readers!
I hope that this week has been treating you well so far.
My week kicked off pretty excitingly! I did a whole new conceptual
photo shoot and the photo shoot was quite fast, but the whole "preparation"
around it was so stressful.
I won't go into details because that would take for forever, but we did
have a flat ( or should I say exploded ) car tire, got rained on, had to carry
lots of heavy props, lost some props on the way, got our clothes/ shoes dirty,
but it was all SO worth it in the end.
That's an interesting thing with the photos... Not everybody knows how much
time and effort it takes to get just that one perfect shot.
However, I'm very happy with the outcome and I will share two ready photos with
you in this post.

Now onto the title of this post! I have already mentioned in one of my earlier
posts that I'll be attending a school this year to improve my technical skills
as a photographer and now I can proudly tell you that I've applied and have been
accepted to New York Film Academy and will be studying there for a short but
very intensive course in photography.
I'm so EXCITED!!! about this opportunity and can't wait to for a little while
relocate to my favourite place in the world - The Apple :)
My blog will be a perfect little diary for you guys to keep track on how my life
changes by taking this important step.

One more thing... Oh this darn Finnish weather!? It's mid of June and the temp.
are equal to the ones in March. It's chilly, rainy and I just can't wait anymore for
my Summer holidays.
I'll tell you more about my future travelling plans in one of the next posts.

I'm wearing: Sneakers - New Balance, Jeans - Zara, Shirt - J Crew, Cardigan - Diesel,
Earrings - Tory Burch, Scarf - Kenzo, Bag - Chanel, Ring - HOH1960, Bracelet - Balenciaga

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Here're two ready photos from the latest photo shoot

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