Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Outfit post - Don't mind

Hello dear readers!
How are you doing? I took a little breather from blog for
a couple of days to, first of all spend a lovely Mother's Day
last weekend with my family and to sort out some papers
for one of the most important and life changing things/ events
that are about to happen to me, but I will let you know all about it
when everything is settled down and confirmed.

One other thing which I'm preparing for you and this blog is a
complete makeover. After 3 years of blogging I was thinking a lot
on what I want to do with this blog, because it's not my main source
of income or my main talent/ thing, so it was either time to let it go
and say bye-bye to blogging world or to take this blog and my blogging
to a whole new level. Since I really love blogging and sharing my daily
outfits/ lifestyle with you, I have decided to keep this lovely little space
but give it a much needed face-lift :)

I can't say how long it will take to do this makeover, but inside next
few months I can promise you to have it all ready!

On to the outfit, I just now have realised how silly I look like mid May!
I'm SO pale and that was never the case when I used to live in Croatia.
My next possibility to tan naturally will be in July when I finally go
for Summer holidays and go to the beach.
Finnish Winters are really harsh, Spring practically always comes way too
late and Summer lasts for maximum 1 month, so yeah... Pale skin is the way
to go for me still for some time. Very attractive... NOT! :D

Hope that this week is treating you all well!

I'm wearing: Loafers - Asos, Skirt - Mango, Bag - Rebecca Minkoff,
Jeans jacket - Diesel, Top - Free People, Earrings - Chanel,
Ring & cuff - HOH1960

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