Thursday, April 17, 2014

Outfit post - Balance

Good Thursday afternoon !!
I have started this morning by going to the gym and that
felt so good.
I love to start my day as productive as possible, so after the
gym I have sent a bunch of letter invitations to my exhibition.
I can't believe that there's a little bit over a week left until the
opening. Exciting!!!

All of the prints are ready and I got to check through all of them
yesterday. Since everything looked perfect, photos are now in
final, mounting period.
Can't wait to put them all up on the gallery's walls.

Biggest daily newspaper in Finland Iltalehti wrote about my
upcoming exhibition and that was such a nice surprise which
I woke up to yesterday morning. Universe, please keep them
coming my way, I have no complaints :D

Just a quick note about my outfit... These sneakers are the most
comfortable sneakers ever! I'm not kidding, when I walk in them,
it feels as if I'm walking on clouds!
I'm totally embracing the latest trend of combining casual or less
casual outfits with sneakers.

Uh, now I remembered that I need to get myself a pair of shoes
for the opening of my exhibition! Good thing is that Shopbop are
having a sale going on ( one more day only ), so I think that I'll
click-order something from there :)

Have a nice day everybody!

I'm wearing: Sneakers - New Balance, Jeans - Tiger of Sweden,
Jacket - Asos, Blouse - Samuji, Sweater - Burberry, Bag - Celine,
Bracelet - Balenciaga

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