Monday, March 3, 2014

Outfit post - Dark Horse

Well, hello there Monday!
This day started very early for me, but I did get lots of
things done, including my visit to the gym which was
a real brainstorming and visualising time. I have so many dreams
and wishes and I'm going to make all of them, hopefully, come true.
Great example is Lupita Nyong, a new face in Hollywood that just got
an Oscar as support role in movie "12 years as a slave".
She's the proof, as she said herself that no matter where you come from,
your dreams ARE valid and they do come true.

I still have lots to do today, but tomorrow will be all about pampering
myself with some sister-sister time. We plan to do some shopping and
have a coffe at one of the cafes in the city.
I also have a dentist appointment tomorrow, but I consider that as part
of "pampering" because I'm taking care of myself :)

My 3rd solo exhibition in Helsinki is only one and half months away!!
I can't wait!!! I'll keep you all posted more about it later on.

Have a great day my dear readers!

I'm wearing: Boots - Hunter, Jeans - Diesel, Top - Burberry, Cardigan - Zara,
Bag - Zara, Bracelet - Balenciaga, Coat - Isabel Marant pour H&M, Necklace - Sovilj

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