Thursday, March 6, 2014

Outfit post - Beautiful Lie

Wuh! What a week I've had... Lots of things happened, but
one of the main ones was that I half of my tooth fell off out
of nowhere, so I had to rush into hospital to get it fixed and there
they discovered that I had another 5 ( FIVE ) teeth that needed
to be taken care of, so I've already been twice at the private dentist
to get my teeth in order and I still have to go two more times. Crazy!
Something like this should have never happened, but I never had any
problems in my life with my teeth, not even a toothache, always had
great mouth hygiene and then BAM!, I have half of my tooth in my

I got pretty much "knocked" by the anaesthetics yesterday that half of
my face didn't go back to normal until this morning, so I really looked
ridiculous and couldn't eat or drink properly.

Today was such a nice and sunny day, so I couldn't wait to wear some a
little bit lighter clothes.
I don't remember when was the last time I wore polka dotted tights and I
loved how these brought a nice touch to the whole outfit.

I will have a nice and relaxing day tomorrow and I'm so much in need of
such day. How about your Friday? Any plans?

I'm wearing: Boots - Clarks, Tights - Falke, Skirt - American Vintage,
Top - Burberry, Cardigan & scarf - Zara, Bag - Celine, Coat - By Malene Birger,
Ring - Deni design, Necklace - Diana Broussard, Bracelet - MBMJ

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