Sunday, March 16, 2014

My latest photo shoot - Rusalka

Good Sunday afternoon everyone!!

I hope that you had great weekend and are recharged for
the new working week.
I had a typical "after-the-trip" weekend filled with tons of
dirty clothes that needed to be washed, grocery shopping to
fill the empty fridge and house that needed to be cleaned.

One thing that was not so typical, but so inspiring was my
latest photo shoot which went great and I'm happy to share the
ready photos with you :)

If you wish to see more of my fine art, please check

The model on these photos is my sister and I would like to thank her
in this post for the support and love that she's been giving me all the
time, through my photography and as well as taking most of outfit photos for this

Let me know what you think of these photos :)

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