Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Photo diary of my everyday life

Hello my dear readers!
I've been off the blogging "train" for a little bit. I've been
quite sick for many days but I'm finally healthy again and
am slowly getting my energy back, as well as the inspiration.
I've been moving homes at the same time while being sick, so
that made everything even more hectic for me. So much packing and
transferring boxes from one place to another, cleaning the old apartment,
putting it for sale, etc. It's been crazy and I've been feeling as if every day
lasted for 5 hours instead of 24 hours.
I'm almost done with all the moving and I can't wait to start unpacking and
putting everything into place.

Here's a litte photo diary for you to check out some of the snap shots of
my daily life and what made me happy in past two-three weeks :)

For more photos please check out my Instagram profile.

                                    lunch at my favourite place in the city :)

snow here, snow there, snow everywhere...

such a perfect idea for the Valentine's Day

shopping for the home decor

working and blogging

my lunches :)


celebrating birthday

gorgeous sunset

finally feeling better and healthier

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