Thursday, January 23, 2014

Zagreb diary - Days 3&4

My short but lovely trip has come to an end and tomorrow
is the time to go back home to a super freezing Helsinki.
I haven't missed that crazy cold at all, but I'm happy to go back
home, finish the renovation (finally) and start decorating and organising
the apartment.

Last two days were such a blast in Zagreb! I went to numerous places
and have been walking for hours and hours. I can definitely feel it in
my legs now :)
I have checked out National theatre, cathedral, famous St. Mark's church
and Croatian parliament, Museum of broken relationships ( the coolest place
ever ), Stone gate, etc.
When it comes to food, I didn't know that Zagreb has such an amazing
array of wonderful restaurants. There's everything for everybody!
I have enjoyed eating my lunch at restaurants Carpaccio and Kisha, as much
as I did enjoy in my deserts at Aida and Amelie cake cafes.

I was happy to meet some very dear people like my old friend, my brother
and his girlfriend. It was so much fun to share great feeling/ moments with them.

I hope that you had a great week as well! Life is so precious and I have realised
on this trip that a day wasted into nothing is a big loss.
I have made a promise to myself to start doing at least one new/ exciting thing
every day.

Good night everyone!

                                                         with my childhood friend

Lunch at Carpaccio restaurant, highly recommend this 

walking from uptown towards downtown

Cakes at Viennese Aida

Little bit of shopping 

Zagreb cathedral from the inside

Museum of broken relationships

On St.Mark's square

My brother and his gf

Lunch at Kisha restaurant

Cakes and tea at Amelie 

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