Monday, January 6, 2014

Outfit post - Fuku

Good evening everyone!
It's Monday and once again a holiday, so I would like to wish
a Merry Christmas to everybody who's celebrating today and
I'm having a small "home-escape" time for a few days since it's
impossible to live in my flat right now during the renovation, so
I'm taking the advantage of staying in the city centre and being able
to walk everywhere I feel like.

This morning I went to the cinema with my daughter and for lunch
we had a small family gathering so we went to highly spoked about
sushi bar called Fuku.
It's basically a sushi/ Asian buffet and even though I never do the "buffet"
unless it's breakfast at the hotel, this was such a positive surprise.
Sushis were so fresh and delicious and there was a whole array of rolls, nigiris,
noodles, spicy veggies in curry/ coconut milk sauce, Gyoza dumplings, tempura,
etc. I don't have to even mention that I'm in food comma right now, but it feels
so good at the same time :D

After 2 weeks of time off from gym, I'm starting my gym routine tomorrow
and can't wait to finally get more active, esp. after the long holidays and everything
that comes with it ( food, cakes and booze ).

I hope that you had a nice day as well! Thanks for reading/ watching.

I'm wearing: Boots - Frye, Bag - Celine, Scarf - Asos, Jeans - Diesel,
Top & jacket - Free People, Coat - Isabel Marant pour H&M, Ring - Deni design,
Bangle - Marc By Marc Jacobs, Lipstick - Mac Red

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