Friday, December 20, 2013

Outfit post - Thunder

Good Friday afternoon!!
I'm just snacking on persimmon ( I'm obsessed with it ) and
trying to relax. Downtown is completely packed with people
in every single cafe, restaurant or shop. Everybody is doing last
minute shopping for the holidays, so it's pretty frustrating to get
the most necessary things for yourself while everybody is just
pushing you wherever you go.

Anyhow, while I'm waiting for sauna to warm up, I wanted to write
this post in which I'm wearing new necklace that I think is such a great
statement piece and this new chunky sweater by Finnish designer Samuji
which makes beautiful, simple and quality clothes.

What do you have in plans for the weekend? Only 5 days are left until Christmas
and I'm so excited about it :)
My weekend will be mainly concentrated on cleaning my flat so that I can
enjoy my holidays even more.

Much love to all of my readers! Have a great weekend!

I'm wearing: Sweater - Samuji, Shorts & necklace - Zara, Bag - Celine,
Boots - Vagabond, Tights - Falke, Earrings - Swarovski

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