Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Day outfit ideas

Hello lovely people!
I hope that you're having an easy going Monday afternoon, that
all of your Christmas shopping is done, presents are wrapped and
that you are ready for two days filled with joy, family hangout and
positive vibes.

Since I'm living in Finland and I was born in Russia, but lived most
of my life in Croatia, we have mixed kind of Christmas traditions in
our family, so what we do is that on 24th we celebrate traditional Finnish
Christmas and then on 25th we celebrate our own/ modern-day version
of Christmas with lots of Russian and Croatian food.

Here's a last minute little guide/ ideas how to dress on the Christmas Day.


-some comfy sleepwear that is festive and Christmasy to put you
in the Christmas mood right from the morning

-cup of nice morning tea of coffee always helps to start your day properly

-Michael Buble's Christmas album is my favourite this holiday season

-breakfast in bed - what could be better than this? :)

-slippers - gotta stay warm and cozy


- I don't know why, but I'm a sucker for those Christmasy, chunky
sweaters and I think that they're perfect for a Christmas lunch with
the family


-if you plan on going out with your significant other or
with your friends for a nice dinner, then you're more than allowed
to get all dolled up and look very festive

-nice red dress, statement necklace, some sparkly nail polish,
high heels, golden clutch and a coat are perfect for this occasion

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