Thursday, November 28, 2013

Outfit post - Thankful

Good afternoon dear readers!
It's been a lovely and sunny, but cold day in my city. I had to
bring out the full gear, read as : woollen gloves, beanie, giant scarf and
warm socks :D
I've been having crazy busy times, but it's getting a bit more calmer now,
just perfectly in time for the holidays.
I've been also shopping for Christmas presents and I'm now finally done
and my next mission is to buy home decor and decorate my home ready for
the holidays. It definitely helps me to bear with the lack of daylight and cold
weather outside.

I can now officially confirm that next year I will have my third solo exhibition
in Helsinki and I already have an open offer to have my 1st solo exhibition in
New York in 2016 too. There're lots of plans and ideas for the next year that aren't
agreed on yet, so I won't talk about them, but I will as soon as they're official.
I'm very much looking forward to my next conceptual photo shoot in week and half.
I've been craving to shoot proper set of fine art photographs for 2 months now, so
you can imagine how excited I am :)

Have a great evening/ day everyone!

I'm wearing: Boots - Steve Madden, Jeans - Diesel, Shirt - Ralph Lauren,
Kimono - Winter Kate, Necklace - Deni design, Ring - HOH1960,
Bag - Tory Burch, Coat - Isabel Marant pour H&M

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