Friday, October 11, 2013

Life in colours of a rainbow

Happy Friday afternoon and the beginning of the weekend!
I have decided to write a bit different post today, which I like
to do every once in a while.
Something completely non-fashion related but very much related
to the lifestyle, the one that I lead or strive to lead.

I got very inspired couple of days ago by my little soon to be 5
years old daughter.
I don't mention her on blog often, but now I just have to because
that little human being has thought me so much about life, love and
patience. She has opened my eyes and made me love life the way
I never did before or though that it could ever be possible.

Couple of days ago I have realised that she's been mentioning word
"rainbow" in almost everything she did, played with, talked about...
Everything is a big rainbow for her and she even coloured in colouring
book with different crayons just to make a certain drawing look like a
rainbow or have rainbow colours.

I used to suffer from deep depression for a very long time and in dark
periods like those were, I couldn't see the beauty that surrounded me,
I couldn't be happy about pretty much anything and nothing seemed to
fill to void inside of me, but now... Especially now, since the little one
got me so inspired with her "rainbow" point of view, I'm able to enjoy
the beauty in the smallest things.

Nature outside looks amazing at this time of the year! Everything looks
like an Autumn rainbow. Leaves are everywhere in all possible shades
of red and yellow, sun shines more beautifully than usual, air smells fresher,
sea looks calmer, rain inspires me...

My point is that... Depression or no depression, I feel that me/ we often
forget to appreciate just the moment that we're in, to see life in different
dimension, forget about any problems, high expectations and just breathe in
and breathe out and see the beauty that is everywhere around us.

Have a beautiful weekend all you sweet people!

P.S. Thank you for all the comments. I always read all of them and
am thankful for each and every one of them :)

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