Friday, July 5, 2013

Turku - Day 1

Hello from Turku everyone!
Turku is Finland's ex capital city that is about 2 hours car ride away
from Helsinki.
I've been in Turku three times and every time it was because of Ruisrock
festival that is held annually every Summer.
This year, my main wish was to see Hurts show and oh boy, it was an amazing
show! Great band, beautiful songs and great stage presence. Audience was responding
wonderfully too, so I believe that everybody went home happy since they were one
of the last bands to play yesterday.

Before the show, we went for a stroll through the city and went to highly spoked about
Fontana cafe which was a total disappointment and I wouldn't suggest it to anybody.
It was supposed to be the cafe with the best "quick" food in town, but it was totally not
worth the money. We waited for 40 minutes to get our meals and the food didn't taste
that good as we expected.

Afterwards we went for a short walk by the river and I snapped couple of photos because
the views were somewhat peaceful and inspiring :)

Today will be all about just taking it easy, walking around the city, eating hopefully nice
food and spending time with my sister and family.

Have a great Saturday !!!

                                             Entering Turku city

Interesting street fashion :D

Fontana cafe

Walking on the streets of Turku

Pre Hurts show :)

Hurts show

Post Hurts show :)

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