Monday, July 15, 2013

Outfit post - Army of me

Good Monday morning everyone!
Here's an outfit which I wore yesterday and will re-wear today :)
Yesterday's morning was reserved for Dispecable me 2 cartoon
and I loved it, it was so sweet, at times bit too scary for my little one
but still really a great family cartoon.

Afternoon was spent in Vodice, short sightseeing, ice cream stop and
I have also visited my friend's own little souvenir shop "Simun".
It's such a small but unique souvenir shop which had so much to offer,
so I ended up buying almost all of the presents for friends and family
back in Finland.

Later on we ended up at our favourite beach for a late evening swim and
that was pretty much it :)
Today it's time to meet some more friends, eat mom's food, go swimming,
play some more mini golf and just enjoy the moment!

Have a great beginning of this week!

I'm wearing: Dress - French Connection, Necklace & ring - HOH1960,
Sandals - Vagabond, Lipstick - Mac

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