Saturday, July 20, 2013

Croatia - Last two 10&11 days

Good morning Helsinki!
I came back home yesterday from Croatia and right away had
temperature shock. It was almost 20 degrees less in Helsinki.
It felt weird to have to wear my jacket/ blazers again :P

Last two days in Croatia were bitter-sweet. There's still so much
to look forward to this summer, but it was hard to say byes to
my family and also to leave the sea,sun and beach life behind.

Both last days were naturally mostly spent at the beach. We have
visited Aqua park once again too, did lots of presents/ souvenir shopping,
visited one of my best friends and her little son, ate some more of my
mom's homemade food, got a new haircut, etc.

I forgot to mention in my previous posts, that among all the amazing things
food and drink wise in Croatia, they also have the most mouthwatering
watermelons ever!! I ate every day at least 2 kg a day :D Seriously! :D

All in all it was a great holiday and it makes me so happy to read all of
your comments and so many people wanting to visit Croatia.

Here're the last holiday photos:

                                           The mighty watermelon!! :)

My mom has pretty awesome view from 
her apartment

My new haircut

Short visit to Zadar to see my friend

My new little friends

Amazing sky! I have never seen something 
like this before

Going back home...

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