Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Croatia - Days 6,7,8 & 9

What a great Summer holiday it's been in Croatia!?
The weather has been absolutely amazing, so I got a chance to
enjoy the sun, sea and fresh air to the fullest.

Every day flew by just like that and I wish I could stay here longer.
Luckily there're still two full days of holidays here, so I'll do my
best to use them 100%.
When you live in a country that does not have many sunny days and
for 6 months your surroundings are very dark, cold and snowy, you
start to appreciate and love Summer even more!

So what have I been up to here for the past 4 days? Another round of
mini golf ( I'm getting obsessed ), late evening drinks with friends, ate
tons of ice cream, spent time with the family, did lots of: swimming,
sunbathing, walking and sightseeing, etc.

Yesterday we had lunch at "Dalmatian Village" restaurant and the food
were amazing as usual! As local as it gets in every way. From the restaurant
interior to the menu options.

Now I have to get ready and meet my friend and her little son.
Lots to do in only 48 hours :)

Have a great Thursday everyone!

                                              beach life :)

it's hot in the city! +36°C

my everyday holiday breakfast

round of mini golf ( I lost this one :P )

lunch in Dalmatian Village

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