Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Croatia - Day 1 and 2

2 days in Croatia, flew by super fast! Both days we didn't
do much, except just walking around in the city, shopping for
local food, eating my mom's home cooked meals and most
importantly, having great beach time.

I went to my favourite local jewelry designer yesterday. He always
has lots of interesting, handmade and creative necklaces, bracelets, rings...
I will take a photo of what I bought, so check out my Instagram for that.

I'm planning on meeting as many friends as possible before the
return date back home, starting today. Also, we're planning on
taking a round of mini-golf in the afternoon.

All in all, I'm loving this holiday since I can feel that my batteries have
started to recharge. :)

                                     Enjoying my morning coffee time

Beach time!

This Aquapark was so much fun!

Reading and putting on the nail polish

Cute little turtles :)

Beach looks 

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