Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Outfit post - Wednesday

It's already middle of the week and almost end of June!?
It's really crazy how the time flies by so fast. I wish I could
freeze it at times and at times I wish I could fast forward it :)
Today was a beautiful and sunny day so I've spent half of it
by the beach, eating an ice cream and just meditating under the
sun :)

I'm completely swamped with preparations regarding my photo
exhibition in New York, my upcoming photo shoots, our family
trip/ vacation, etc. that I don't get to sleep much and I feel that my
battery is running on low, so I'm going to bed early today.

Hope that all of you are having great Wednesday and even better
Thursday tomorrow!

I'm wearing: Dress - Zara, Bag - Celine, Sunnies - Prada, Sandals - Vagabond,
Bracelet - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Earrings - HOH1960

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