Saturday, June 8, 2013

My daily life via Instagram

Happy Sunday everyone!
It's a beautiful and shiny one here in Helsinki, so I'll take the advantage
of spending it outdoors as much as possible.
We have planned some fun stuff for this day, so I better get going, but
before I abandon my laptop, I wanted to share some photos which I
took via Instagram in past 2 weeks.

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                                                 the weather in Helsinki was/ is absolutely amazing!
                                                 makes me wanna go off with the boat somewhere :)

sis. deli+cafe - little (organic) gem in the city 
that I found recently

little but significant publication in ARTisSpectrum 

outfit details

I've been trying out some new recipes :)

-pasta with spinach, goat's cheese,roasted sunflower seeds 
and onion sauce

-creamy zucchini soup with emmental cheese

beach time!!!!

best refreshment on a hot day - berries!!

me, myself and I

lunch time with a friend

mommy and daughter day

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