Wednesday, May 1, 2013

You are beautiful

I guess that a lot of you have seen this video already, but even if you
have seen it, watch it again and those who didn't you should watch it
because it does remind you about the real picture of our appearance which
we tend to believe is different, even ugly on daily basis.
I'm the 1st one to have issues with the way how I see myself when I look in
the mirror. I'm more self confident than ever before, but there're days when I'm
still very critical of my looks.
There're so many small details which I would like to change on my face,
my hair, etc. but  I'm starting to love myself more and more, because the
reality is that I'm much more beautiful than what I think.

I remember that quite many times I got confused or even a bit shocked when
some friend or total stranger would tell me that they think I'm beautiful or
would compliment on my looks.
I didn't know how to deal with it because I was not expecting to hear something
like that.
I mean I knew I wasn't ugly, but "beautiful" somehow sounded too good?

Beauty definitely comes from within and it's all about somebody's personality
what truly makes them beautiful!
If I see a beautiful and heartfelt smile or a warmth in somebody's eyes when
I talk to them is the 1st thing I'll notice about that person.

It's funny how when I was little/ teenager I always had this "ideal" of how my
boyfriend should look like and then the one that I have married is completely
opposite to that "ideal" but is the most beautiful guy in the world to me.
His eyes, smile and cheeks got me instantly!

Sometimes exactly these "imperfections" that you find in your looks will be
something what will make a certain someone fall in love with you :)


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