Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Outfit post - Somebody to die for

It's funny how some moments in your life change you for forever
and direct whom you're going to become.
One of these little moments which have strongly affected me was
when I was little, about age 7 or 8 and when every Summer I went
to visit my grandparents in Russia.
My grandma was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and she
always paid attention to her looks. She was always dressed nicely,
she would comb her hair in a certain way and she would always put
on make up no matter if she was just going to go out for a walk or
to the farmer's market, she still always looked so classy and watching
her get ready every day was the key for me to make an "agreement" with
myself, that I want to be exactly like my grandma when I grow up.
To always be a lady, act like one and look like one.

I don't put make up on every day, sometimes I just put a little bit of
foundation and lipstick but I always make sure that I'm looking tidy and
lady like.

I'm very emotional person, feelings and matters of soul are everything
in my life, therefore I always think that person that looks fantastic and
has rotten soul, no matter how much make up they put on or how nice
clothes they put on, they won't look good, but if a person has heart of
gold and cares about their appearance, they can definitely make an impact
on another person, just like my grandma did on me :)

I'm wearing: Bag - Celine, Tee - Kenzo, Jeans - Diesel, Shoes - Stuart Weitzman,
Cuff & ring - Deni design, Jacket - Xenia Design

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