Friday, May 24, 2013

Life via Instagram

I don't know what's the weather like where you guys live, but here
in Helsinki it feels more Fall like than Spring, going towards Summer like :(
I'm missing the sun and being able to spend lots of time outdoors.
It's been cold and rainy over here and I don't like it one bit.
I'm planning our Summer holidays and I can't wait to relax by the beach and
take a swim in the sea.
Aaaahhh... Summer, Summer, my weakest spot :D

There's not much planned for this weekend, just some regular errands,
family time and visit to an amusement park, that's if it doesn't rain.
Hope that all of you will have a great weekend too!

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                                                                               my hood

loving my new shades :)

breakfast @ strindberg cafe 

nail polish i'm in love with

snacking at balcony ( taleggio cheese/ strawberries/ nuts )

new in from

in good and bad <3

morning stroll

eating clean

fresh flowers at home!

morning tea w/ Vogue and Laduree macaroons

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