Saturday, April 13, 2013

Outfit post - Unspoken

Hello dear readers!
I would like to take a moment and thank you for visiting my blog
and leaving me comments, it means a lot to me because you're all
so sweet and nice and it feels great to know that there are bunch of you
out there in every part of the world relating to my posts weather it's
clothes I'm wearing, cosmetics I'm using, Instagram posts with bits of
my every day life or my photography.

I've continued going to gym 3 times a week and it has helped me to
feel better mentally and physically.
I've done lots of soul and purpose searching in past 5 years and I feel that
I'm slowly reaching perk in this part of growing up.
There's always more to learn, I prefer to think that we're learning throughout
our whole life, but right now I feel I'm slowly reaching the place I want
to be at mentally.
Of course, I have lots of dreams and wishes where I want to be professionally,
but that's a whole another story.
It's funny how growing up is... At first you don't even get how much you're
growing up in every way and then one day you wake up and realize how
much more wiser, different and aware you are than you've ever been before.

Today was a super simple day, did some small shopping and had pizza/ flat
cleaning day.
Hope that all of you are having a great weekend!

I'm wearing: Boots - Dinsko, Dress - Charlie design, Cardigan - St. Tropez,
Bag - Zara, Rings - Tiia Vanhatapio, Belt - Asos

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