Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring cleaning!

Hello my dear readers!

I've been quiet for couple of days due to going through
"Spring cleaning" in my flat, my wardrobe and my life. Expect lots of
new posts which are not solely based on my outfit posts :)

It's a big thing to have opened my 2nd solo exhibition, esp. after working
on it for a year and putting so much love, time and effort in it.
Once the exhibition was opened I felt all sorts of feelings, from being super
happy and excited to feeling "empty" and confused.
I guess it's just a natural to feel like this after achieving something so important
for me.

Also, my sister is visiting and I've been spending lots of time with her,
just enjoying our long conversations, sight-seeings and shopping trips.
I'm also working on new ideas for my upcoming photo shoots, since I want to
bring some new works to US when I'll represent my works together with many
other amazing artists this August at Agora gallery in NYC.

I went to buy new camera and lenses yesterday and I can't wait to learn more
about their functions and put them in use.

One of fabulous things I did in last couple of days was walking over the frozen
sea. That's pretty an incredible feeling and gives me so much peace for some reason :)

Take care everyone and happy Wednesday!!

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