Friday, March 1, 2013

PFW F/W - Balenciaga/ Dries Van Noten


Most possibly one of the most awaited collections this year was
this Balenciaga one.
Why? Simply because mighty Alexander Wang stepped in as main
designer for Balenciaga, so everybody was eager to see what he has
to bring in for this adored designer name.
You can definitely see Alxander's way of designing in this collection,
but he made a fair distance from his own brand and did created a wonderful
collection which I would love to transfer right into my closet.
Beautiful, minimalistic and sophisticated pieces will be a must have for
all the fashionistas next Fall.


Wonderful and different collection. It's edgy, wearable, with lots of bright
colors, fabulous coats, embroidery and great patterns.
Definitely a collection that I would love to wear.

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