Friday, February 1, 2013

Week through Instagram diary

One of my favorite posts on mine and other blogs are
Instagram posts. Somehow those posts picture the smallest and
nicest moments in every day life and also show a little bit more
about a person that's writing the blog.
Here's my week through Instagram. It's Friday and I'm soon off
downtown for a coffee with my dear friend. I hope that you're
all having a nice end of working week and great weekend ahead.

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                                           starting my morning right, with a healthy breakfast

and a nice view on the city streets

jewelry of the day

checking out some beautiful art @ stockmann's argos hall

i have totally fell in love with this jacket from Hugo Boss 
but had to pass on it for now :/

but i didn't pass on these marc by marc jacobs beauties :)

my table tray

relaxing moment :)

photo shoot day, make up moment

sunday's brunch @ strindberg caffe 

gorgeous valentino red bag @ stockmann

being happy :)

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