Thursday, February 7, 2013

Outfit post - Pink

How's everybody doing today? I'm in a bit stressful period
now before the exhibition opening in 3 weeks, but at the same time
it's a "positive" stress :)
Also, I'm SO over Winter and snow and cold... I have decided to protest
against it by wearing this bright pink jeans today. Hopefully Winter will
get super offended and go away, or at least start going away :D
I'm longing for warmer and sunny days, for leaves to start growing, for
flowers to start blooming, for all the snow to melt away, so that finally
birds can start chirping... Now that's the period that I love the most, it
feels like rebirth. Ah, Spring, would you come already!?

On another note, NY fashion week has started and I'm all eyes/ ears
on online updates on the newest collections, so that I can share my favorites
with you my readers.

Tomorrow is my man's birthday and I can not wait to give him his presents.
Giving presents to the ones you love, never gets "old" or "used", it's always
super exciting and romantic :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!

I'm wearing: Boots - Steve Madden, Jeans - Diesel, Shirt - Tommy Hilfiger,
Blazer - Maison Martin Margiela for H&M, Earrings - Marni for H&M,
Clutch - Zara, Rings and bangles - Accessorize

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