Thursday, February 14, 2013

Outfit post - Friends Day

Happy Friends Day everyone! Here in Finland, we celebrate
Valentine's Day just like everywhere else in the world, but this
day is also here considered as Friends Day and that's something I
like much better than the "forced" feeling of love.
I think that Valentine's Day is way too commercial and I never
celebrate it, but I do remember to say words of love to the closest
friends and family members.

I don't want to come off sounding too negative or something, but
nowadays it's so hard to believe that there's real love out there and that
relationships and marriages can last for forever. Almost every day you
can read in newspapers that somebody is divorcing or that somebody cheated
on someone. I feel that the world is being too materialized and fast forward,
that very few people do remember to stop for a moment and remember what's
the most important in life... To love and be loved! At least for me. When there's
love then everything is possible and there's no presents or such that can buy
love or days like Valentines that will remind you to love one another, but that's
just something what you eat, breath and live every day.

I truly hope that I'm among those lucky people to have the man that I will
spend the rest of my life with. It's "easy" to love each other when you're
both young, successful, healthy... But it takes really something special to
have that same person next to you when you're old, wrinkled, sick, retired...

Love that I receive and give is what keeps me going and makes me feel alive.

LOVE and some more LOVE to you my dear readers!

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