Friday, February 22, 2013

Instagram diary

Can't believe how time flies by so fast! It's almost end of February
and opening of my exhibition is in 8 days! Aaaa :D
There's still so much to do before the exhibition opening that next
7 days will be crazy, but I love to be busy bee, because I need to
"move" in order to feel alive!
Hope that everyone's having great ending of working week and will
spend relaxing/ fun weekend.
Enjoy one more of my favorite posts, Instagram diary.

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                                            This week: I have checked on my ready prints!!

went for a walk around the hood and witnessed some 
amazing sights

boiled mussels in white wine sauce and made pasta w/ mussels 
for the 1st time - DELICIOUS!!

went for coffee dates with my (ninja) man :)

visited Kiehl's store to replace my "empties"

ate orange roll cake at my in law's 

did some blogging and catching up on magazines

got the poster for my exhibition put up at 
Johto cafe/ salad bar in Kamppi shopping center

played with Play Doh with my daughter 

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