Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Free People - ROSHAMBO

One of my top 5 favorite clothing brands, Free People have for the 
first time ever produced a short movie to accompany their February 
catalog portraying a love story set in Brooklyn, starring actor Christopher Abbot 
of hit show "Girls" and gorgeous model Sheila Marquez. 

I have always been a huge romantic, music lover and fan of bohemian style, this 
movie is absolutely all of these three things, just like all of the Free People collections are. 
This short movie gave me chills, there's just something magical about it, not to mention 
that all of the clothes are amazing and I have already seen some pieces I NEED to buy :)

Here's a description of the storyline: 

"A touring band member and his bohemian beauty are unexpectedly reunited on a Brooklyn street, and they spend a short time together in the city's boroughs. After sharing a cup of coffee, a game of roshambo leads the lovers on a whirlwind romance, with the day's events building up to what seems to be an inevitable conclusion to their chance encounter. Set to the sounds of Lord Huron's "The Ghost on the Shore," Roshambo brings the narrative of these star-crossed lovers to life with a fully flushed out story line and a surprise ending. "

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