Saturday, December 8, 2012

Instagram diary

Well, here's another Insta diary which I have put up from all
the favorite photos since my last Insta diary post.
I'm simply addicted to Instagram and as a photographer I always
have need to capture all the little "magical" moments in my life and
things that catch my eye.

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So here we go:
                                         my favorite veggie/ feta cheese salad @ Jahto cafe

winter in the city

Sleeping beauty ballet - my daughter absolutely loved it!

this was such a cool and unexpected scenario!

i bought some new cosmetics from Kiehl's ( I'm obsessed with 
Calendula tonic, it's magical )

...and I got some new stuff at L'Occitane too :)

cozy feeling at home 

my little cutie 

getting some fresh air


hmmm!? happens every winter!

reading currently

my nail polish stack

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