Friday, December 28, 2012

Instagram diary - holidays

Here's my Instagram diary from recent Christmas holidays. I love using
this app and I always need to capture small details and sights I encounter
on every day basis.
I hope that you liked my Instagram diaries so far and will continue
to check them out on the blog and also follow me HERE!!
I had nice and quiet holidays, but I'm all up now for some more action and
rocking New Year's Eve. Perfect outfit is ready, so I just need to wait for 3 days
to put it on and welcome New Year 2013! Excited!!

                                           morning rituals :) organic yoghurt with berries, musli
                                        and chopped banana, english breakfast tea and bloglovin'

got some goodies at Lush store

driving to parents in law for Christmas Eve

traditional finnish Christmas food

Christmas lunch at our flat


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